Program Details

Sunshine I          Ages: 3-5

Sunshine I is a program developed for pre-school aged children. The class involves a variety of activities designed to suit the fine motor skills of 3 and 4 year olds and capture their attention. This level is rich in singing, hands on activities, games and stories about ‘critters’ used to help the children learn their notes as the students are introduced to keyboard geography.

Parental involvement is a vital part of the learning dynamic which allows students to experience maximum success of students and sees the parents actively involved both in class and at home.

During the year, we cover the keyboard geography from A-G and introduce some notes on the treble and bass clefs. Students also identify patterns, incorporate solfege (hand signs), reinforce songs through singing and rhythm dictations and ensembles.     Students completing Sunshine I are ready to enter the Sunbeams level. For more details see the form page.

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Sunbeams I      Ages: K & Grade 2

Sunbeams I is an enthusiastic level for both parents and students. Our class is interactive, enthusiastic and exciting as we incorporate games, singing, solfege, rhythm ensembles, compositions, patterns and a variety of means to teach the well-rounded program to these beginners.

The program teaches the keyboard geography through ‘critters’ and by the end of the course we have covered the scales of C and G Major Scales and a minor (harmonized with bridges). The majority of notes are covered on both the treble and bass clefs by the end of the year.

A rewarding and challenging program for all involved!  Students completing Sunbeams I are ready to continue on through several years of progressively advancing Sunbeams classes. 

Moonbeams I    Ages: Grades 3 -6th

Students in Moonbeams I are ready for full sounding songs. The curriculum is laid out in such a way as to incorporate harmonizing scales with chords right from the beginning. These students learn quickly through means such as patterns, the circle of 5ths, singing, solfege, rhythm dictations, ensembles and composing.

We cover the Major Scales of C, G, D and F as well as a and e minor throughout the year. The patterns learned through harmonizing scales with chords allows students to begin transposing materials and composing with great ease.

Additional Class Information

Classes meet once a week for an hour; 32 classes in the Sept. - May year  

The curriculum for each level is carefully geared and paced to the abilities and learning styles for that particular age. 

MYC provides a comprehensive, integrated music program.  Children and their parents benefit by acquiring a solid music education in a fun group-based environment that enhances parent/child involvement. The MYC program combines early childhood education principles with music theory within a rigorous curriculum that has earned a reputation for superior parent satisfaction.

A piano or keyboard is needed for practice at home

Weekly assignments with details of “how to” are e-mailed following each class. However, parents should make notes about the weekly assignments in the “red activity book.”

Assignments consist of a variety of fun activities that are age appropriate and reinforce the concepts being taught in the classroom. Parent involvement is essential to the child’s musical development. 

A parent or an adult mentor is required in class. No unregistered siblings are permitted in class. Parents are the foremost teachers of their child and serve as the student’s “coach”.   Their enthusiasm will spill over to the children

Consistent practicing is necessary and a “good habit” to get into, even if it is just for a few minutes each day. It is better to practice for 5 minutes each day than once/week for a ½ hour on lesson days.   This self-discipline is a life skill – not just for piano!   Pick a time of day to work on the piano assignments, that is good for the two of you.  This is a wonderful time for you to spend together.



“Music to me is like breathing—I don’t get tired of breathing, I don’t get tired of music.”-musician Ray Charles

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