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"Music For Young Children (MYC) is the only child centered music learning system that integrates keyboard, creative movement, rhythm, singing, ear training, sight reading, music theory and composition."

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MYC Group piano lessons offer the unique opportunity for parents to help their child learn to play piano through singing, keyboard games, rhythm, ear training, sight reading, and creative movement.  Students become well rounded musicians.  While working on musical skills in class, children also develop skills of teamwork and social interaction through the group setting. 

MYC builds a solid foundation of understanding and enjoyment of music. Singing together creates a special bond. Keyboard playing and rhythm ensembles nurture team skills. Creative movement develops individual expressiveness. Music reading and theory are reinforced with group activities and with colorful, hands-on materials.

MYC Overview

MYC is fun, age-appropriate and extremely effective for providing children with the solid foundation they need to succeed in private lessons.

There are many reasons MYC is a good start to you child's musical education...

  • Because it's fun!! (In addition to being of superior quality, very comprehensive, confidence building and a wonderful way to begin the study of music.)
  • Because the child and parent bond as a "music team" during lessons and that carries on at home during daily practice and other family activities.
  • Because this program provides so much musicianship training to young children that it's got to be seen and heard to be believed!!

 MYC Teachers

MYC teachers meet specific piano performance and theory qualifications. In addition, they receive special program training. Teachers are committed to parent involvement, encouraging learning, children and families.

Your teacher, as your guide, is trained and prepared to offer a well designed path. From the first lesson you will make discoveries and develop skills while enjoying the sights and sounds.


Parents are a very special part of each MYC class. They are essential to the success of this program. Each child is accompanied to every class by a parent/guardian. They are not only involved as a helper to their child in class, but also at home. Parents are able to spend time learning with their child and often go on to further their own music studies.

Parents, please remember to enjoy the journey for yourself. You are a model of responses and reactions for your young child in all things. When they see joy in your expressions, they open the door to joy in themselves.


MYC students want to learn music and have fun doing it! Your child will be placed in an age-appropriate group of students eager to learn together.


Your child is important to me! I will try to keep in touch with you on a regular basis to monitor your child's progress and to provide encouragement and support along the way. Please feel free to contact me about any concerns or struggles you are having. Most problems can be resolved quickly by talking together and finding creative alternatives for your child. Also, please remember to share your child's interests and achievements. I like to join you in celebrating your child's successes!


I promote mutual respect and cooperation in order to foster a fun, positive environment for musical learning and self-expression. Some days, a child can be disruptive. Do not worry -- it has happened to all of us! If your child exhibits poor behavior, try talking quietly with him or her to correct the conduct. If your child's behavior is disturbing the class, please leave the room. When your child has settled down, simply re-enter class and join back in the lesson.


Please contact Pat Weitz by e-mail   or calling (609) 587-7076 to learn more about how to register, attend a demo class, etc. 

Private Piano Lessons are offered on a flexible schedule over the summer months for myc students who would like to work on extra music or who may need to work on specific areas in order to keep up with their class. 

 "Music can change the world because it can change people." -musician Bono 

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